One day in Prema Vasam

Prema Vasam (la casa dell’amore) è una ONG indiana nell’area di Chennai e si occupa di disabili e di bambini abbandonati. Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di essere loro ospiti e ci fa piacere condividere queste immagini con voi.

Prema Vasam (where love resides) is an NGO operative in the area of Chennai, taking care of chellenged and destitute children. We had the possibility to be their guests for a few days and we would like to share with you these pictures.

Prema Vasam (la maison de l’amour) est une ONG indienne située dans la banlieue de Chennai. L’association s’occupe d’enfants handicapés moteurs et mentaux et d’enfants des rues. Nous avons eu la chance d’être leurs invités et nous sommes heureux de partager ces images avec vous.

Claudine, Debora, Fabio, Tadeus

Prema Vasam photo gallery

Home for boys (new land)

Prema Vasam è un progetto di sostegno a distanza della Onlus COTRONIX

Vous pouvez lire la chronique de notre visite dans les pages de Celestissima ou dans Inde 2008

About Prema Vasam:

Contact: Anto Selvyn Roy
Purpose: Child welfare, Disability, Education, Health
Aim/Objective/Mission: Prem Vasam means where love resides. The motto of this home is to serve not to be served. It does not mean to mould these disable and orphan children to serve others, not to be served, it is a challenge indeed. It is a non-profitable trust aiming at establishing home for physically handicapped, mentally retarded and orphan children. It provides opportunities for rehabilitation and use of their own limited talents in their respective fields. Prem Vasam aims to work with these children and their families irrespective of caste, creed, religion and financial background.