Walking to school

a “no comment” movie

by Fabio Campo

Chennai, Inde, dans le slum de Gandhi Nagar, comme chaque matin, le filles de Guna partent pour l’école.

Chennai, India, nello slum di Gandhi Nagar, come ogni mattino, le figlia di Guna partono per la scuola

Chennai, India, Gandhi Nagar Slum, today, like every single morning, Guna’sa daughters leave to go to school.


Extrait du projet de documentaire, tratto dal progetto documentario, extract of the documentary

Sarees on the wheels – Des taxis en sari – Taxi in sari

thanks to:

Guna and her family

Speed Trust
(Slum People Education and Economic Development)
Speed Trust Women auto-rickshaw project

Stephen Dawson
Albert Selvakumar N.
Claudine Tissier
Olivier Grimbert
Debora Nisi

filmed in Gandhi Nagar
Chennai, India

July 2010

Inspiration” by Kunnakkudi Vaidhyanathan

creative commons – 2010 – Small Things